Company Profile

Founded in 1998, it has more than 1000 employees. It is an enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of women's accessories and accessories. At first, the company focused on the development of foreign clothing industry customers, which was deeply recognized by international clothing brands. After 2004, the company began to expand the domestic market. So far, the company has moved towards internationalization, and has formed good cooperation relationships with many well-known clothing brands at home and abroad. Customers include ZARA, PANDORA, ONLY, PINKO, LIUJO, ZIMMERMAN, H&M, etc., which is known as the "friendly accessories supplier of clothing brands".The company has always insisted on the design, development, production and sales of women's clothing accessories. The main products include beaded jewelry, hot stamping, hardware accessories, lace, ribbon, buttons, zippers, feathers, etc. After 2005, the company started the production and sales chain of women's clothing accessories, mainly including handbags, belts, etc., and its business field is more perfect.

Product display

In recent years, the company has further strengthened its international influence and settled in important cities in the world fashion industry, such as Monaco, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, etc.

The EASTERN PROFIT team creates accessories and adheres to the new concept of expressing life: beauty, environmental protection, sunshine, creating the versatility and vitality of accessories with high quality. The creativity of our designers comes from continuous research and material testing in new forms, and constantly develop new ideas and prototypes.